Kevin is at work and Linus asked me yesterday, “Where is my father?”. We had his father’s good company for three days and there is always those few days after the separation that are… difficult. I am noting this pattern. And by noting this pattern I am getting through it easier. I am accepting that every second word out of Linus’s mouth is no. I am getting over the fact that he won’t eat my chocolate banana cake and thai noodles I made especially for him. Can you believe it?

So I reach back to all the parenting classes I took and remember sensory play is good during days like this (because watching motorcycles jumping on ramps is not). Right. There was a storm so after his nap Linus took an umbrella and played on the porch. I told him there was a big storm. He said “Its not a storm, its a dream”. Then we mixed colors which as you can see turned into something else. He is now taking a bath and I am quickly writing and posting this. After he will be clean and maybe we take a walk before we eat our dinner. I made spinach artichoke dip with bagel chips and avocado toast.

I am prepared for him to reject it all. I am prepared for this storm.