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We are slowly catching up on our posts! Here’s one from Auntie Anna’s backyard in Walnut Creek during Christmas break!


Last month we were able to stay at a good friend’s house in Venice while he was off getting married. There were so many special moments from those few days, but here is one I especially wanted to share — Linus in front of an installation that one of my current favorite artists, Vhils did on Abbott Kinney Blvd. Linus would always run up to it as we went back for our morning fix. See more of the artists work here ….

It’s also right in front of one of our new favorite coffee shops. Can’t wait to go back.

to be continued.


A good read always helps pass the time. I this case , “Tools of the Mind — The Vygotskian Approach to Early Childhood Education” was top choice over the DGA Quarterly.

“Quiet please…… we go……..and……..3…2…1….ACTION ZOMBIES!!”

We (Daddy) has been on another Banksy kick as of late. By chance we stumbled across one of his pieces this afternoon on our way to a kids concert near the CBD. It depicts “the Grey Ghost“, a New Orleans resident dedicated to eliminating all street art with grey paint. This Banksy piece was somewhat preserved and is now under plexiglass.




Oh yeah… and Linus had a great time listening to music and making friends!

Boys like trucks and I loved my truck. I hauled lots of stuff in it, went surfing with it, and drove home our baby Linus from the hospital in it. It was a good truck, but the lease was up. So goodbye friend, may your next owner care for you as much as I did.

All of New Orleans is pretty much reachable by bike, and with the weather being so great lately, and such a beautiful park across the street we decided be like a local and engage in two-wheeled transportation. Linus really loves being on the bike, and the twirling hands sign(language) for bicycle has become the most frequent on his list.

Jóformán egész New Orleans-t be lehet járni biciklivel, szóval mivel az idő is nagyon szép mostanában, és van egy gyönyörű park az utca másik oldalán, elhatároztuk, hogy csakúgy, mint a helybeliek, kétkereken fogunk közlekedni. Linus nagyon, de nagyon szeret a bicajon ülni, mostanában ezt a jelet használja a leggyakrabban – a kőrőző kezecskék a jelnyelvben a biciklit jelentik.

Daddy’s first real attempt at giving the boy a haircut didn’t exactly go as planned. It is hard to cut hair off the head of a little dude that can’t sit still for more than 2.5 seconds at any given time, so it is what it is. Live long and prosper my son.

A papa első komoly próbálkozása, hogy levágja a fia haját, nem pontosan a terv szerint alakult. De nem is könnyű egy kicsi fickó haját vágni, aki 2,5 másodpercnél tovább sosem ül egyhelyben. A frizura olyan lett, amilyen. Élj sokáig és gazdagodj, édes fiam.

It was getting dark. And what does one do when they are still out past their bedtime, with Pinkberry goodness surging through their miniature body?  Pick up a piece of chalk and throw down a tag so everyone knows who’s been there. We just can’t believe that Lucy already beat us to it.

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