We made a video for you while you were at work. We thought about you lots. And we also love you very much. Happy Birthday Kevin!

For Kevin from Dorka Hegedus on Vimeo.


Happy New Year everyone! This year has been a whirlwind. See you next year!


More photos here.

Linus turned three last week.

I also have a video you can see. Here http://www.dorkaphotographyblog.com/about-me-3/.

We have taken our first official vacation as a family. We rode in taxis, flew in a few planes, swam in the Adriatic Sea, rode the bus 191 in Budapest, visited the Postojna caves in Slovenia, waited and waited for hand gliders on Papo’s balcony, had chocolate ice cream in Trieste and had mud fights in Lake Balaton. These are just a few of the highlights. We went big. And I mean big. I have so much to tell you.

Linus has absorbed all these experiences without a hitch. He doesn’t yet dwell on the fact that I am not sure when we will see his cousins again. He doesn’t miss our favorite bakery in Budapest or dream about the fig tree in my father’s garden. He however has become the hero in every story and the one that the world goes around for. Literarily. He is Christopher Robin. He is the boy who plants the last truffola tree seed.  And when we watch the rocket launch and the astronaut comes on screen, Linus declares “Actually, that’s me”. It is always good to be reminded that the end of one adventure is really only the end of one adventure.

I have dutifully selected some of my favorite shots of Linus during the trip. Here they are:

Linus has been going to work. Sometimes he makes movies and sometimes he takes photographs.


Here are his photos he took over the past couple of weeks:

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Kevin is at work and Linus asked me yesterday, “Where is my father?”. We had his father’s good company for three days and there is always those few days after the separation that are… difficult. I am noting this pattern. And by noting this pattern I am getting through it easier. I am accepting that every second word out of Linus’s mouth is no. I am getting over the fact that he won’t eat my chocolate banana cake and thai noodles I made especially for him. Can you believe it?

So I reach back to all the parenting classes I took and remember sensory play is good during days like this (because watching motorcycles jumping on ramps is not). Right. There was a storm so after his nap Linus took an umbrella and played on the porch. I told him there was a big storm. He said “Its not a storm, its a dream”. Then we mixed colors which as you can see turned into something else. He is now taking a bath and I am quickly writing and posting this. After he will be clean and maybe we take a walk before we eat our dinner. I made spinach artichoke dip with bagel chips and avocado toast.

I am prepared for him to reject it all. I am prepared for this storm.

Sorry about the break, but we are back. Linus will be 2 and 1/2 years old next week. Yes. 2 and a 1/2. What can I say about him right now? He is a gymnast. He talks all the time. He likes hats. And shoes. He likes to talk about his dreams. This age is all about autonomy, and I really really started to get a taste of it in the past two weeks. I was talking with my dad today on skype and he told me I was the same. It kind of made me feel better. (But then again, talking to him does that too me.) 

These photos are from lunch. We made this pasta (thank you Trina) that was amazing and Linus devoured it last night, and today we played games with it. 


To put it simply: Skateboarding is what makes the world go around.

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