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Kevin drove Peter to the airport today and tonight the house just seems unusually quite. We get used to having him around quickly and each time he pops in it does not seem like months that we last saw him. We are lucky that way. Peter is filming his documentary “My America” (you can visit his website and as it goes, we and now Linus will be making an appearance in the movie. So all you Linus fans out there stay tuned and we will keep you informed on the film’s release.

A few shots of Linus and his Uncle, soooo adorable.

Ma reggel Kevin kivitte Pétert a repülőtérre. Szokatlanul csöndesnek (üresnek) tűnik a ház ma este. Megszoktuk, hogy hirtelen felbukkan és itt van velünk, nem számítanak a hónapok,  mindig olyan, mintha csak tegnap láttuk volna. Milyen jó is ez. Péter az „Én Amerikám” című dokumentumfilmjén dolgozik (meglátogathatod a világhálón, címe, s úgy tűnik, mi is, és mostmár Linus is, megjelenünk a filmben. Vagyis kedves Linus-rajongók, maradjatok velünk, folyamatosan tájékoztatni fogunk benneteket a film sorsáról s bemutatójáról.

Néhány pillanatfelvétel Linusról és nagybácsijáról… imádnivalóóóók!


Title: Linus Likes

Starring: Linus Oliver Lum

Music by: Noah and The Whale

Short Synopsis: Linus likes to be high on his daddy’s shoulders. Linus likes to look at his dinosaur mobile a lot. Linus likes his playtime on his toy mat. But most of all, Linus likes to make conversation with his daddy while they are hanging out on the couch.

We were recently able to spend a few moments at the park with Trina, Desmond and Felix. We have already decided that Linus and Felix will be best friends. Here is a picture. Hee hee.

Since having Linus we have been thinking a lot about the idea of traditions for us as a family.  Something that we do every year the same time. Maybe traditions are like anchors that can make you feel safe and part of something real and constant. Like you have a place you can always return to just by recalling the smell of oranges warming on a heater on a cold Christmas day or rising on an early summer morning for a trip to Disneyland.

Linus is really small and he probably won’t remember much of these days as we build the world around him, but still we try. Maybe its more for us then for him for now. We are adding this aspect of parenthood to the list. The part when we recall our childhood and then invent it all over again for someone else.

New Year's Day at the Getty

Christmas was a whirlwind for the three of us this first year. So much that we even forgot to to take any pictures of our Christmas Day with the family. His 45 minutes of awake time was full on excitement meeting his cousins and aunts and uncles. We are sorry we missed Christmas Eve with Grandpa’s family this year. We’ll have to make it up next year. Thanks to everyone for all their support this holiday, it was lovely to see everyone. Below are a few other pictures of our Christmas break.

Our new favorite toy (Thanks Chunghah)

Our Christmas walk

I love my Grandma

During our long Christmas car drives Kevin has found a new way of making himself laugh at the expense of the little boy. Parenthood is a serious balancing act, and as we found out Linus can do some balancing of his own! Stay tuned for many more posts of “What I can balance on my head!”

For baby’s first Christmas we took the long trek from Los Angeles to Grandma and Grandpa’s house near San Francisco. Eight hours strapped in a car seat is not fun, I am sure of it. Linus made sure we knew that.

This is just a short ride to the park, right?

After four stops, lots of soothing, two parents with frayed nerves, and one super cranky pants later we arrived. Because be loves his dinosaur mobile so much, to help with the trip mommy made two more that we attached to the ceiling of the truck (as pictured below from kevin’s camera).

stay tuned for more Christmas updates..

Dorka and Kevin

This is a blog about our son Linus. We will post photos, videos, etc for family and friends.

Dorka es Kevin

Ez egy blog itt a fiunkrol Linusrol. Kepek, videok es stb csaladnak es baratoknak.

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