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We went to Sucrè  for sorbet, coffee, milkshake and tiny heart shaped chocolates. A very nice person gave us a gift certificate there, so we had no other choice but to go there. It is with utmost certainty that we will return.

We had the very worst of weeks. We got sick. Then we got a little sicker. Would it not be for our magical pediatrician friend, this week would have been a disaster.

We also miss our friends, our house and our city. Its so hard to be objective about one’s own misery. Its big. Its uniquely yours to wallow in. A deep deep wonderful pool party. But today I was reminded that the time will has come to move on.

We took Linus to City Park to ride on the trains. He was a mess. I was a mess. (Kevin was the glue. As always). Linus staggered towards the dodge cars which he is too young to drive. He stood at the bars and watched. And watching him I realized.  This tiny moment of anguish he was feeling, was big. His big.

After much deliberation we have decided to not return to Los Angeles for the fall. Those who have had to listen to me talk this through way too many times will know that this was a tough decision. I am now officially sick and tired of making important decisions. I am now taking a break. A break from making decisions that is. Is it possible? Probably not, but it feels good to take a stand against the whole process.

Our plan is attend Cottage in the Summer/Fall of 2012. Until then we are here in New Orleans.  So please come visit us. Lots. Anytime. We can’t wait to see you.

ps: I have a new photography blog, if you care to check it out. (I know this is meant to be a blog only about Linus, but the success of the photo blog is directly related to him, I fear.)

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