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So mommy and baby have been sick for the last three or four days — which has stifled  preparations to make the trip north to San Francisco for Christmas and made everyone cranky pants. (Daddy has been fortunate enough to avoid any malady thus far.) Today was also baby’s scheduled two month set of infant vaccinations, so without fever, Linus was subjected to more plight this morning as pictured below.

Injected into his little body were the following:

RV: Rotavirus

DTaP: Diphtheria, tetanus, pertussis vaccine

Hib: Haemophilus influenzae type b vaccine

IPV: Inactivated poliovirus vaccine

PCV: Pneumococcal conjugate vaccine


Hepatitis B vaccine (booster)

With more tears being shed by parents then himself he made it through okay.  (Mommy restrained herself, with much difficulty, from giving the nurse a Superman punch during this process.)

After wards the little guy was really tired (as photographed by an iphone. )


These last few weeks have bought on more wonderful changes in Linus! With his new awareness of the world around him, he is now smiling at us, and it feels really great.  Our top pics from the week below.

A list of top 5 things we love to get away with, while Linus is only a baby and hasn’t yet the skills to protest (insert evil laughter here):

Ez egy gyűjtemény arról, hogy miket meg nem úszunk, míg Linus kicsi ahhoz, hogy tiltakozzon, vagyis …(ide kaján kacaj illesztendő):

1. Get to dress him in whatever we want!

1. Azt adunk rá, amit csak akarunk!

2. Point out to friends that he has Chewbacca ears.

2. Felhívjuk barátaink figyelmét  Linus Csubakka-fülére!

3. Laugh at his pooping faces (only on the inside!)

3. Kinevetjük a púzó (vagy kakiló) pofijait (csak magunkban)

4. Record some of his most frustrating moments, because he is just so darn cute even when he is mad!

4. Megörökítjük legkeservesebb pillanatait is, mert olyan aranyos, még akkor is, amikor dühös!

5. We get to blog about him and say whatever we want. For now.

5. Folyamatosan bemutatjuk ebben a nyilvános naplóban (blog) s azt mondunk róla, ami csak tetszik.Egyelőre.

Her name is Cat. She is super mellow and loving, and entering her senior years. She ventures outside on occasion, but likes the window best. We love her dearly, but are attempting to eliminate as many allergens as possible from our household. It saddens us that we are trying to find another residence for her. If you or anyone you know can provide a new loving environment for her please let us know.

Hiccups are just so cute… unless you are trying to get an overly wired baby to take a nap. But the sound is so cute!

A sample of new Linus expressions (and some old ones) in Polaroid style. Just to change things up a bit. And in case  you are wondering, Linus has a some minor baby skin issues which we are currently battling, that is why his little face looks a little rugged.

Egy par uj Linus kifehezes (es nehany regi) Poloroid stilusba. Egy kis valtozatossag vegett. Ja, es per pillanat egy kis baba bor problemaval harcolunk, ezert tunik egy kicsit megviseltnek a draga arca.

We had Thanksgiving at home with our little family. We took a nice walk, we slept a lot, we cooked dinner, we lit a candle. We said thanks for the many good things we have in our lives right now. It was nice.

Happy Thanksgiving to all our friends and family.


It seems forever ago when all we thought about was the nursery for our baby Linus. We took “nesting” to a brand new high. Projects after projects we built a little nest for our baby. We spend a lot of time in this room now and its fun to look around and remember sewing this, gluing that, hammering this …. sitting up late, big and pregnant drinking tea, soccer on TV and watching Kevin spend countless hours balancing the dinosaur mobile to perfection.  Good times.


Yesterday we celebrated Linus’ 2nd week birthday with our good friends Trina, Paul, Desmond and Felix. Desmond helped blow the candles out as Linus slept through the proceedings. The delicious pumpkin cupcakes were made by Trina, vegan chef extraordinaire. Check out her blog Your Vegan Mom.

This was our second sponge bath.

Ez volt a masodik furdesunk.

Linus bath3Linus bath4Linus bath5

The first bath, unfortunately, could not be documented.  We were anxious, or at least the photographer was. Very anxious. (As if Linus would turn into a naked popsicle even in the 80 degree LA weather?!) So, this second attempt went much better, and everyone was very happy. Well at least some of the time.

Sajnos mikor eloszor furdettuk a Linus-t nem tudtunk kepeket kesziteni. Nagyon izgatottak voltunk, vagy legalabbis a fenykepesz! A masodik aklalommal sokkal jobban ment minden. Majdnem minden!

Linus bath8Linus bath7

We think the next time will be even better…or we hope.

De legkozelebb biztos minden jobban fog menni…. azaz, remeljuk

Linus bath6


Dorka and Kevin

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