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By popular demand here are some photos of Felix.  Felix was born a little more than a month before Linus. His parents Trina and Paul are our good pals. We decided some time ago that our babies will be friends. We are yet to take a photo of them side by side, but worry not, I foresee that Felix and Linus will have many more adventures to come.

Felix at birth:

and some time after:


This week we had Kevin’s Godfather, and two sisters come by for a visit. Lucky baby! So many loving people around to dote on him!

I think we are entering a new phase or there is something in the air, I will blame the hot days and cold nights, but we are now all about getting Linus to sleep these days. We have mastered a number of new soothing techniques. Like rocking and singing, rocking and kissing forehead, rocking and making shhhh sounds, rocking and rocking in and out of slings. For the first time last night we took a drive in suburba Pasadena after all our soothing techniques have failed us. It was nice, the pretty lights on the pretty streets and listening to Linus breathing and sleeping soundly. All in all probably we should not complain. We are reading a book, kindly lent to us by Trina (Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child by Weissbluth). Each chapter is accompanied by an anecdote of great success stories on sleep techniques implemented, and our son is way, way better of a sleeper than the kids in any of the stories. So. We take the good moments and the bad ones and enjoy them all. He is growing so fast and we know, we will miss this one day. We will talk about it and we will miss this time, that night, that drive.

Here is a little video with photos cut to the soothing sounds of Bon Iver. Just because he makes our family feel good.

Thanks everyone for visiting the site and your lovely comments. Have a good week.

Linus had his first pediatrician visit with Dr. Chan yesterday, and things are looking good! He has gained about one pound since birth and is now about 22 inches long, which is a little on the longer side. Where he gets his height from, we do not know. Also, no shots till next visit. Linus was happy about that!

Linus volt a babaorvosnál tegnap ès minden rendben. A súlya normálisan növekszik and már 55.88 cm hosszú. Nem volt oltás, majd legközelebb. Linus ennek nagyon örült.

Both Dorka and Kevin did get the H1N1 shot this morning in Pasadena however, and bracing for hours in line we only waited five minutes! Linus slept through the whole thing. We were going to document but it happened too fast!

Megkaptuk a H1N1 oltást ma reggel. Szerencsère csak öt perc volt az egèsz ès nem órák hosszú várakodas mint gondoltuk. Linus vegig aludta az egèszet. Nincsenek kèpek mivel jo gyorsan tul lettünk az egèszen.

Doctors Visit1Doctors Visit2

There’s nothing better than taking a nap and letting my Daddy watch a soccer game!soccer3jpg

Vodpod videos no longer available.


1st walkKevin1st walkWe took our first walk.

Elso setank egyutt.

linus 2 days oldlinus 2 days old

Linus Oliver Lum was born on Saturday October 24 at 4.55pm. 7lbs. 6oz and 19.5 inches. Linus Oliver Lum Szombaton Oktober 24en, 4:55 szuletett. 3.4kg es 49.53cm.

Hard to add anything else except that he is perfect in every sense and its hard for us to do anything else besides look at him all the time.

Dorka and Kevin

This is a blog about our son Linus. We will post photos, videos, etc for family and friends.

Dorka es Kevin

Ez egy blog itt a fiunkrol Linusrol. Kepek, videok es stb csaladnak es baratoknak.

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