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Linus turned three last week.

I also have a video you can see. Here


Sorry about the break, but we are back. Linus will be 2 and 1/2 years old next week. Yes. 2 and a 1/2. What can I say about him right now? He is a gymnast. He talks all the time. He likes hats. And shoes. He likes to talk about his dreams. This age is all about autonomy, and I really really started to get a taste of it in the past two weeks. I was talking with my dad today on skype and he told me I was the same. It kind of made me feel better. (But then again, talking to him does that too me.) 

These photos are from lunch. We made this pasta (thank you Trina) that was amazing and Linus devoured it last night, and today we played games with it. 


Grandma and Grandpa took Linus to meet Santa Claus. 


Linus is playing with his ladybug starlight maker.

Boys like trucks and I loved my truck. I hauled lots of stuff in it, went surfing with it, and drove home our baby Linus from the hospital in it. It was a good truck, but the lease was up. So goodbye friend, may your next owner care for you as much as I did.

All of New Orleans is pretty much reachable by bike, and with the weather being so great lately, and such a beautiful park across the street we decided be like a local and engage in two-wheeled transportation. Linus really loves being on the bike, and the twirling hands sign(language) for bicycle has become the most frequent on his list.

Jóformán egész New Orleans-t be lehet járni biciklivel, szóval mivel az idő is nagyon szép mostanában, és van egy gyönyörű park az utca másik oldalán, elhatároztuk, hogy csakúgy, mint a helybeliek, kétkereken fogunk közlekedni. Linus nagyon, de nagyon szeret a bicajon ülni, mostanában ezt a jelet használja a leggyakrabban – a kőrőző kezecskék a jelnyelvben a biciklit jelentik.

It was getting dark. And what does one do when they are still out past their bedtime, with Pinkberry goodness surging through their miniature body?  Pick up a piece of chalk and throw down a tag so everyone knows who’s been there. We just can’t believe that Lucy already beat us to it.

As I sit down to write this post about 2010 I am desperately trying to clear my head. Both figurative and well… actually. I enter 2011 with a sinustis and a head full of random worries. Imagine this. A picture of my head and a big bubble with these words floating out of it: Flying for 14 hours, twirly skirts, bears, sunscreen, will Linus sleep????, Ajaja. I won’t bore you with more details but I think you get the picture.

And then all that worry goes away when I find the perfect photo for this post. This kid is amazing. Have I told you that before? I love I love 2010. It was a big year for us. Huge. We were parents. Our little family got glued. Linus turned one. We got through the first bad cold. Linus took his first steps. So many things started to make sense (never ever will I give up coffee as long as I live) and so many things are still a mystery (why oh why I can’t find anything in that diaper bag?). As I said, huge.

Thanks for sticking with us. Stay tuned I hear 2011 will be amazing.




Our family needs to practice this holiday a little more. Get our pumpkin carved on time, get our costumes figured out, not paint our hair green at the last minute. Should we take or not take stroller next time…etc. All in all it was a lot of fun. D, F and L were pretty darn cute. In the chaos we did our best to record the moment.


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This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Linus had such a great birthday trip, and great time at his birthday party! It was wonderful to see everyone! Thanks so much!

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