We are slowly catching up on our posts! Here’s one from Auntie Anna’s backyard in Walnut Creek during Christmas break!


Last month we were able to stay at a good friend’s house in Venice while he was off getting married. There were so many special moments from those few days, but here is one I especially wanted to share — Linus in front of an installation that one of my current favorite artists, Vhils did on Abbott Kinney Blvd. Linus would always run up to it as we went back for our morning fix. See more of the artists work here …. http://alexandrefarto.com

It’s also right in front of one of our new favorite coffee shops. Can’t wait to go back.

to be continued.


It almost 2012 here in New Orleans. I was looking through some of the photos from our recent trip to California. I found this one of Linus standing on a rock. This is the rock Kevin used to stand on as a kid. I asked Linus to stand there the morning we were leaving for the airport. And he did. I love the way he stands there. Can you see him clutching his skateboard? Do you see that look in his eyes?

Grandma and Grandpa took Linus to meet Santa Claus. 


Those of you who don’t know, we have moved out of our apartment by the university about two weeks ago. We were going to move into our new apartment, but unforeseen circumstances have sent us living in a loft apartment in the French Quarter.

We have found many things we love and many things we don’t love as much about the Quarter.

We love that there is music somewhere at any given time, and you can just stumble upon it when you go grocery shopping. We love beignets. We love the Croissant Cafe. We have been enjoying taking gigantic walks around town. We love that there are horses on the street.

The French Quarter (or specifically the part where we live) could be an island, I have been talking about visiting. Do you remember that conversation? You know when I said I want to live away from any phones, computers, internet? I take it back.

We struggle with parking and are starting to get used to the strange noises at all hours of the night. After all this is a living, moving, breathing city. That never really sleeps.

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More photos of Linus in the Quarter here.

I would like to write a long post and tell you about the past couple of months. This post will have to wait. We are in the middle of a house move, some camera equipment emergency and post halloween costume production lack of sleep.

But I have to tell you something.  Linus turned 2 on Monday. Even thought he declares he is 3 or sometimes 1.

This is a video, put together super quickly.

Linus is playing with his ladybug starlight maker.

We went to Sucrè  for sorbet, coffee, milkshake and tiny heart shaped chocolates. A very nice person gave us a gift certificate there, so we had no other choice but to go there. It is with utmost certainty that we will return.

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