This feels like one of those times. You know when something important is happening to you, like happening right now, this very minute. And as it passes, moment by moment, you desperately want to remember it. Do you know what I mean? Well its happening. Linus is growing up.

Our son likes to listen to Bob. He absolutely refuses to listen to track number 3 on the music together CD. He loves boats. He loves his frog boots and would be happy to live in them for the rest of his life.  He only eats frozen fruit bars while sitting in our lap in the book corner. He loves to look at my eyes without my glasses on. We compete for his kisses and hugs, which are seldom given. He cares about the mechanics of things, buttons, knobs, water in a cup out of a cup, through a watering hole.  Linus has learned to whine. He is so good at this, sometimes he can fake it. Cheeky.

We are getting to know Linus. The little boy who looks me in the eye, understands me now, listens to me (sometimes), runs away from me, holds my hand. He is building his world and I marvel at this person he is becoming. Can’t wait to see you soon, so you can get to know him too.