Linus has recently discovered the joy of waving hello. He waves to Babar in the books we read at night, he waves to his favorite characters in the signing time DVD’s and he waves to pretty much anyone he meets on the street. Kevin was telling me this story tonight of him driving to buy replacement tires for the bike and Linus spotted an employee hanging out in front of the bike shop. Linus begun to wave enthusiastically. Kevin got out of the car and smiled shyly at the guy then turned back to Linus who has not lapsed his intensive arm movement and was now waving so hard Kevin has started to worry. I interrupted his story “But did the guy wave back? I mean did the guy wave to Linus????”. That’s all that I cared about. I have this powerful wave of emotion of wanting everyone to wave back to him (and those that don’t I stare down) which makes me worried about how I am to handle any other future disappointments. Anyhow, Kevin continued his story, turns out the employee was no stranger but the guy Linus and I met the other day at the wading pool. He was cool with a nice girlfriend and a big dog. (And he did wave back.)

Here is a photo of Linus and I (you know a day after Mother’s Day and all) in the very act of saying hello.