For the past week Linus observed how things slowly disappeared into boxes. His clothes. His dinosaurs. His train set. We are on the move again. Our destination is New Orleans. We are not going for vacation. We are temporarily relocating. This has been my mantra for a few weeks now. It really did not dawn on me until last night. The house was immaculately clean and empty of all personal belongings – readied for it’s new tenants. Tomorrow we are going to say goodbye to our home. Tomorrow we are getting on a plane. Tomorrow night we are sleeping at our new apartment.

By the way Linus is now 16 months old. If I was to describe his superpowers it would be: SPEED. He is fast. Really fast. Testament to this is the hundreds of IPhone photos of a blurry laughing little figure racing past the lens. Here are two shots of SPEED days before our departure.

We will miss our best friends a lot!