I think we are entering a new phase or there is something in the air, I will blame the hot days and cold nights, but we are now all about getting Linus to sleep these days. We have mastered a number of new soothing techniques. Like rocking and singing, rocking and kissing forehead, rocking and making shhhh sounds, rocking and rocking in and out of slings. For the first time last night we took a drive in suburba Pasadena after all our soothing techniques have failed us. It was nice, the pretty lights on the pretty streets and listening to Linus breathing and sleeping soundly. All in all probably we should not complain. We are reading a book, kindly lent to us by Trina (Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child by Weissbluth). Each chapter is accompanied by an anecdote of great success stories on sleep techniques implemented, and our son is way, way better of a sleeper than the kids in any of the stories. So. We take the good moments and the bad ones and enjoy them all. He is growing so fast and we know, we will miss this one day. We will talk about it and we will miss this time, that night, that drive.

Here is a little video with photos cut to the soothing sounds of Bon Iver. Just because he makes our family feel good.

Thanks everyone for visiting the site and your lovely comments. Have a good week.