This was our second sponge bath.

Ez volt a masodik furdesunk.

Linus bath3Linus bath4Linus bath5

The first bath, unfortunately, could not be documented.  We were anxious, or at least the photographer was. Very anxious. (As if Linus would turn into a naked popsicle even in the 80 degree LA weather?!) So, this second attempt went much better, and everyone was very happy. Well at least some of the time.

Sajnos mikor eloszor furdettuk a Linus-t nem tudtunk kepeket kesziteni. Nagyon izgatottak voltunk, vagy legalabbis a fenykepesz! A masodik aklalommal sokkal jobban ment minden. Majdnem minden!

Linus bath8Linus bath7

We think the next time will be even better…or we hope.

De legkozelebb biztos minden jobban fog menni…. azaz, remeljuk

Linus bath6